Bad experience

Bad experience

The first thing I would like to share with you is a bad experience I had earlier this year. I hope this post will prevent you from making the same mistake.

We sometimes buy used machinery on online auctions. In general they all work in a similar way. You always pay a fee, you pay upfront, you have 5 days to collect your goods and so on. So far so good.

BCA Auction

One day in March we visited an online auction of BCA Vehicle Remarketing. We first bought a used Caterpillar CS 563 for a reasonable price. In most cases the fee for the auctioner is 7.5 % – 10% of the price. BCA, however does not work this way. They charge you a certain amount which depends on the price of the good you purchased. For goods from € 10.001 until € 30.000 you pay a fee of € 485, which is not much compared to for example Avaliberica, who charges 10% of whatever purchase. After the used machinery of the first part they started to auction all kind of small goods like, aircos, hoses, tools etc. All prices began with € 100. That’s when I saw 6 electrical extensions for € 100. At that time it seemed strange to me that there was almost no interest in the small stuff. Since I needed at least 2 or 3 of them I clicked on the button and purchased them for € 100.

Tricky business

Suddenly I realized that I had to add the charges. I looked them up and I felt so stupid because from € 1 until € 2.000 charges are € 135! So my 6 electrical extensions would cost me € 235 I thought. Much more than the price you pay in a DIY. And it even got worse. They added another € 60 for ‘documentation’, whatever that may be, unless they mean by that the invoice. To make things even worse I also had to pay 23% VAT, not deductable because it is VAT over services and not goods. Anyway in the end I paid € 339,85 for 6 electrical extensions of questionable quality (one already made a short circuit).


So if you ever decide to buy something on an BCA auction, please think twice and check terms and conditions thoroughly. In my opion their profit comes from the huge charges on low prices and small stuff. If this post prevents only one person from making the same mistake I would be very glad!