About us

A brief history of J.P. Santos 

In 1992 Pedro Santos started his own business. The first goods he bought and sold were t-shirts, towels, cutlery cases, christmas tree decorations and much more. After 2 or 3 years Portugese people, visiting friends or family in Rotterdam,  asked him if he could help them find good used car to take to Portugal. That was how it al began. At the end of 1993 I stopped working at the local town hall to help Pedro. I took care of the exportdocuments and the growing business administration. In 1996, when I officially joined J.P. Santos, the companyname changed in J.P. Santos v.o.f.

Foto RodoCargo met MB's

The most popular cars were Mercedes-Benz 190D and Volkswagen Golf GTD. We could never find enough of them. During the week we bought them in Holland, Germany and Belgium. In the weekend trucks came from Portugal to collect the cars and take them to their new owners. There were times we had the trucks waiting outside to be loaded.

After a while demand changed. Instead of cars the Portugese started to ask for pick-ups, so we changed for pick-ups. Now favorites were Toyota Hi-Lux, Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Taro and so on. At the same time we started to sell used trucks for the first time. A rather difficult job because there is no school to learn the traps and tricks of the trade! Once he bought a used 3 axle trailer and sold it way too cheap because he had not seen it had a lift axle! Little by little we started to sell to Africa too and after that to various countries all over the world. We would load small cars in trucks and on trailers to keep transportcosts for our customers as low as possible.  For years we worked like that.

Pick-ups op vrachtwagen

When truck business became more complicated and less profitable Pedro switched slightly and slowly to machinery business. One of his first purchases was the Dynapac roller on the picture. Machinery became more and more our core business around 2005. We still sell trucks but not like before.

Pedro in Dynapac

Pedro proudly ‘driving’ his Dynapac.